Wednesday, March 27, 2019


This is iiiiiit!!!  25. A quarter of A FREAKING CENTURY. Since its my 25th birthday, i thought it would be special to give you all 25 facts about me. 

  1. i had my parents 25th grand baby
  2. i love variety. with my chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, i get every sauce and rotate each sauce after every bite. 
  3. i have been playing gamelofts disney magic kingdom game since it was released 3 years ago. it’s a perfect game for me because it’s a create-your-own-park type game so i can set characters for a 4 hour quest and i can set my timer so i am not tempted to check my phone any more often than that. 
  4. i love how dramatic calvin is. he needs to be an actor cuz that kid can bring it. i know what you’re thinking, and no, he didn’t get it from me :|
  5. i love reading. when i find a series i’m obsessed with, i can finish a book in several hours in one sitting.  
  6. I am a soda addict. preferably dr pepper but if theres a good concoction with coke or a diet something, i love it just as much. i have 3 or 4 favorites and i rotate between them and eventually work a new one in and an old one out. its a never ending cycle and i love it.
  7. i love adult animation tv shows. bobs burgers, american dad, they crack me up. i would choose to watch that over anything else, any day. but i also love tv shows and movies. 
  8. if i wasn’t a mom, i don’t know what i’d be. before i got pregnant i was working for a state farm insurance agent i had worked for for about 5 years. but i’m not sure i’d have gotten into the insurance business long term. i look forward to discovering that part of myself after my kids are grown up and i get to do something for me. I am very grateful and appreciative to have that experience and knowledge in my back pocket for a backup plan though.  
  9. i am the biggest cry baby. i think that is why i love comedy so much because there is a less likely chance i’ll cry in a comedy. i strictly avoid movies that will make me ‘feel’ because i am not kidding, i will bawl. there’s nothing i can do about it. ask braxton about the time we watched armageddon when i was pregnant. it’s his favorite story. 
  10. my dog’s name is rogue. she is an akita, she just turned 9 on january 19th. i get her a present every year. it breaks my heart that she’s getting old and i only have a couple more years left with her. she loves my babies even when calvin sasses her and peter isn’t even scared to be loved on by her cuz i think i would have gotten a little nervous if a face as big as my body tried to lick me. 
  11. I am an apple geek. and no that doesn’t mean i know a lot about apple, i just like apple things but i am lucky that braxton does. i love that they all sync together and i don’t think i could ever adjust to anything else. 
  12. I love being pregnant (not currently expecting but just the few times i have been). other than nausea and drowsiness the first few weeks, i love being able to talk to my buddy all the time. we share inside jokes. 
  13. part one: I think i’m a perfect mix of my parents. i can be feisty and assertive like my mom but generous and caring like my dad and i think i get my humor from both of them cuz they are both hysterical in my opinion. i’m not sure which one i look more like. 
  14. part two: i am 7 of 8 kids, Heavenly Father can only make so many versions of two people mixed together with them actually looking some what like the parents. i look like my oldest sister britta, but in a different way, my younger sister kiley and i are twins and we tell people that and they believe us so if you’re just finding that out… hi, i’m not a twin. 
  15. part three: i was the best 7th surprise 40 year old parents didn’t ask for. 
  16. i love meat. there hasn’t been a meat i’ve tried and hadn’t liked. i tried alligator in New Orleans and it was delish. 
  17. besides the U.S, i have been to two different countries. Mexico on vacation, and i spent a semester abroad in Lippstadt, Germany. I was a part time nanny and i was a cheerleading coach for the local club team. if there was one thing i’d include in my family life, it would be to travel more. but i can see it in our future. 
  18. my hair has been colored a million times. i went from being my natural dark blonde/ light brown to blonde with extensions to black with extensions, rocked a pixie haircut for a while during my time in europe and for my wedding, played around with blonde pixie to a bob and everything in between. i love seeing different versions of myself but i think the blonde bob is me for life (she said unconvincingly). 
  19. i love musicals. they make me cry but i love them. any era, any genre, if it has good music in it, i love it. 
  20. my favorite compliment that i have ever received was about 10 years ago and it was that “she makes everybody feel like a somebody” and i have tried to live my life worthy of that compliment ever since. 
  21. I have been known to dabble in the movie and tv quoting arts and i am not ashamed to admit that 97.9% of my brain is tv and movie quotes and the 2.1 remaining percent are the names and birthdays of my family members. 
  22. i am a total anglophile and my 6 of my top ten celebrity crushes are english
  23. it’s a widely known fact that i love spongebob but only the first 3 seasons. everything else is crap. 
  24. braxton is my husband and best friend in the universe. it’s strange to say but i am convinced i found and married the male version of myself. i have never had as much in common with anyone as i do with him. he is kind and silly and selfless and loves to laugh as much as i do. 
25. nothing is more important in my life than my relationships with my friends and family.

thank you for being apart of my life and thanks for reading all about me! leave some comments about what surprised you or what we have in common! i’d love to hear your thoughts on something else you’d be interested in hearing from me about. 
Kisses from the Petite Critique,


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